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Who Is Austin Reaves Girlfriend And How They Become Couple?

Austin Reaves girlfriend, a promising young NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has managed to keep his personal life quite private..


Austin Reaves girlfriend, a promising young NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has managed to keep his personal life quite private. However, it is known that Reaves has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Jenna Barber, since their high school days in Newark, Arkansas. This article explores the background of Reaves’ girlfriend Jenna Barber, how the couple met and some of the challenges they have faced in their relationship over the years.

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Background on Jenna Barber

Jenna Barber was born on December 20, 2000, making her currently 22 years old. She is a native of Newark, Arkansas, the same small town where her boyfriend Austin Reaves grew up. Barber attended local Cedar Ridge High School where she met Reaves in around 2014. After graduating high school in 2019, Barber attended Arkansas Community College briefly before transferring to the University of Arkansas where she recently graduated. Barber completed her studies while maintaining her steady relationship with Reaves.

Jenna Barber’s Career Goals

In addition to supporting her long-term boyfriend, Barber has had her own career ambitions. She previously worked at Newark Pharmacy from August 2019 to 2020. Most recently, Barber has been studying to become a chiropractor at the Logan College of Chiropractic. She seems focused on establishing herself professionally in the healthcare field.

How Reaves and Barber First Met in High School

As mentioned, Reaves and Barber first met around 2014 when they both attended the same high school – Cedar Ridge High School in Newark, Arkansas. As small-town locals who grew up in the same community, it is likely they knew of each other earlier. However, their romantic connection reportedly started blossoming when Reaves was a junior and Barber was a freshman. The two native Arkansans formed a bond early on in high school which laid the foundation for their now 8+ years long relationship.

Challenges Faced as a Long-Distance Couple

While their relationship started easy enough in their hometown, Reaves leaving Arkansas first for Wichita State and later transferring to the University of Oklahoma posed some difficulties in maintaining the long-distance situation. However, the couple persevered through 4 years of Reaves playing college basketball out-of-state while Barber finished up her high school studies back home and then started university.

Many high school relationships crumble due to distance and expanding horizons, but Barber and Reaves have made conscious efforts to visit each other and stay connected. There is no doubt this took effort, commitment and sacrifice on both their parts through the years.

Steadfast Support Shown for Each Other

Now that Reaves has fulfilled his NBA dreams by signing with his home-state team, the LA Lakers, Barber has been spotted proudly cheering him on court-side multiple times. She even shared photos vacationing together showing her support around the FIBA World Cup during the 2023 off-season. After years of persevering through long distance, she has proven to be a dedicated girlfriend now getting to be by his side again on a more regular basis.

Reaves has also spoken about Barber and her unwavering support in past interviews saying, “She’s been there for me for 8 years, so she is everything for me.” He seems incredibly appreciative for her commitment through his long journey to make the NBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Austin Reaves and Jenna Barber meet?

Austin Reaves and Jenna Barber met while attending the same high school – Cedar Ridge High School in Newark, Arkansas – from around 2014. As small-town natives of Newark, their paths crossed early on and they began dating sometime during their high school years.

What does Jenna Barber do for a living? What is her background?

Jenna Barber recently graduated from the University of Arkansas. She previously worked briefly at a local pharmacy before returning to school. Most recently, Barber has been studying to become a licensed chiropractor at the Logan College of Chiropractic. She is currently 22 years old.

Have Austin and Jenna spoken about their relationship publicly?

While generally private people, Reaves has acknowledged Barber and her support in a few interviews. Similarly, Barber has posted photos showing her backing Reaves’ basketball career. So while neither have said much explicitly, their actions have confirmed they remain a steady couple after 8+ years together.

How have they made a long-distance relationship work for so long?

It has undoubtedly taken commitment, trust, sacrifice and frequent visits to make 4 years of long-distance work between college and the start of Reaves’ NBA career. But through conscious efforts to connect, they have beaten long odds to remain together. Shared small-town roots and years nurturing their high school relationship provided a sturdy foundation.


In conclusion, Austin Reaves and girlfriend Jenna Barber have overcome substantial obstacles over 8+ years together – from high school sweethearts to navigating long distance for much of Reaves’ college basketball career. Now Reaves is closer to home playing for the LA Lakers, while Barber is advancing her chiropractic studies. Their dedication to each other and unwavering support through challenges proves they are a grounded couple positioned for further success and happiness – both individually and together.

Useful Table

Year Austin Reaves Basketball Career Jenna Barber Milestones Relationship Situation
2014-15 Attending Cedar Ridge High School Attending Cedar Ridge High School Begin dating while at same high school
2015-19 Playing high school basketball Studying at Cedar Ridge High School Together in hometown Newark, Arkansas
2019-21 Playing basketball for Wichita State Working at Newark Pharmacy; Studying at Arkansas Community College & University of Arkansas Maintaining long-distance relationship
2021-22 Transferred to & played basketball for University of Oklahoma Continuing studies at University of Arkansas Still long-distance but visiting when possible
2022 – Present Signed with LA Lakers in NBA Recently graduated University of Arkansas; Studying chiropractics Settling into California; Barber supporting Reaves’ NBA journey

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