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Who Is Malika Andrews Husband And How They Become Couple?

Malika Andrews husband, a rising star reporter and host at ESPN, is currently engaged to fellow ESPN journalist Dave McMenamin...

Who Is Malika Andrews’ Husband? Inside Her Relationship with Dave McMenamin


Malika Andrews husband, a rising star reporter and host at ESPN, is currently engaged to fellow ESPN journalist Dave McMenamin. Though the couple has kept details of their relationship private, they have recently faced engagement rumors due to Andrews being spotted with a ring and their close interactions.

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In this article, we’ll explore Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin’s careers, how they might have met, their current relationship status, and what we know about their future wedding plans.

About Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews, 27, is an American sportscaster currently working as an NBA sideline reporter for ESPN. Originally from Oakland, California, Andrews graduated from Portland State University in 2017. Shortly after, she earned an associate producer role at ESPN before being promoted to a full-time NBA reporter position in 2020.

In 2021, Andrews saw her popularity surge after serving as the sideline reporter for the 2021 NBA Finals. Her skilled and engaging reporting earned significant praise and led to an expanded role at ESPN. In 2022, Andrews became the host of the popular ESPN NBA show NBA Today.

Outside of ESPN, Andrews runs a YouTube series called “12 Minutes with Malika Andrews” featuring in-depth athlete interviews. She has quickly become one of the most prominent young voices covering the NBA.

All About Dave McMenamin

Dave McMenamin, 37 years old, works as an NBA beat writer covering the Cleveland Cavaliers and a television analyst for ESPN. Throughout his nearly 15-year journalism career, McMenamin has specialized in reporting on the NBA.

After graduating from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in 2005, McMenamin started in sports media as a features editor and producer for NBA.com. He joined ESPN in 2009 and has since covered major stories like LeBron James’ move to the Miami Heat and return to the Cavaliers.

In addition to writing news and analysis pieces for ESPN, McMenamin makes regular appearances commenting on the NBA and Cavaliers on popular ESPN shows like NBA Today, SportsCenter, Outside the Lines and on the ESPN podcast The Hoop Collective.

McMenamin is considered an experienced and well-connected NBA insider with strong relationships with many league executives, coaches and players.

How Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin Might Have Met

As journalists within the same field working for the same network in ESPN, there are a few possibilities for how Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin met:

  • They crossed paths while working at ESPN and were introduced through mutual colleagues
  • They met while covering the same NBA events and developed a friendship over their shared interests
  • Andrews interviewed McMenamin as a source for a story she was reporting on
  • They met through NBA-related social events or ESPN company events

The most likely option is that Andrews and McMenamin were acquainted through their NBA reporting duties at ESPN and bonded over being two rising young voices within the NBA media sphere. Their similar ages and NBA focus probably provided a natural foundation for friendship that gradually evolved into a romantic relationship.

Inside Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin’s Relationship

Andrews and McMenamin have reportedly been dating since at least 2022. Earlier in 2022, Andrews relocated from New York to Los Angeles for expanded opportunities at ESPN. McMenamin also lives and works in Los Angeles currently.

The couple have been pictured together at recent ESPN events like the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend, adding fuel to dating speculations. They also follow each other on Instagram and frequently engage in flirty social media exchanges indicating their closeness.

In February 2023, sharp-eyed fans noticed Andrews wearing what looks like an engagement ring during television appearances. Neither Andrews or McMenamin have commented directly on the meaning of the ring, but it has widely been interpreted as a sign of engagement or promise between the couple.

Close sources have shared that Andrews and McMenamin hope to keep their personal lives private despite working in the public eye. It’s possible they may share more official announcements in the coming months but they seem focused on their fast-rising careers for now.

Based on reports of their one-year relationship, an engagement seems plausible for Andrews and McMenamin as they grow closer splitting time between New York and LA. But full wedding plans or marriage may still be further down the road.

Wedding Date Details Still Unknown

Since Andrews and McMenamin have not formally announced an engagement, a wedding date also remains a mystery. If the speculation about their engagement this year holds true, typical wedding planning timelines would put their nuptials roughly 12-18 months out in 2024 or 2025.

With their busy careers and travel schedules, it’s unlikely Andrews and McMenamin are rushing to the altar. A future wedding would also probably take careful planning around NBA offseasons and the busiest reporting times of the year.

If their relationship continues progressing well, close sources predict McMenamin and Andrews may share more solid details in time for a 2024 or 2025 ceremony. For now, fans will have to stay tuned to their social media accounts for any buzzworthy clues or confirmations about the ESPN power couple’s big day.

Quick Facts on Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin’s Relationship:

Met Sometime prior to 2022, likely through ESPN
Dating Status Engaged as of early 2023
Engagement Ring Spotted On Andrews’ hand in Feb 2023
Current Residence Both based in Los Angeles area
Wedding Date Plans Still unannounced as of March 2023
Length of Relationship Approximately 1 year publicly

Frequently Asked Questions About Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin

How did Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin meet?

It’s believed Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin met through their work for ESPN. As journalists reporting on the NBA beat, their careers likely intersected through coverage of the league, leading to friendship and eventually, a relationship.

What are Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin’s careers?

Malika Andrews is an NBA sideline reporter and new host of ESPN’s NBA Today show. Dave McMenamin is an NBA beat writer focused on the Cleveland Cavaliers and TV analyst for ESPN.

Have Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin set a wedding date?

As of March 2023, Andrews and McMenamin have not shared details on a specific wedding date. Recent speculation stemming from Andrews’ ring suggests they became engaged in early 2023.

How long have Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin been together?

Rumors indicate Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin have been together for around one year. They reportedly started dating sometime in 2022.

Where do Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin currently live?

Andrews and McMenamin both work for ESPN while based in Los Angeles. It’s assumed they currently share a residence in the Los Angeles area.


Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin make both a talented reporting pair and adorable couple. Though largely private about their personal lives, their interactions indicate a sweet relationship blooming between the two NBA journalists. Engagement speculation swirls around the couple, but only time will tell if wedding bells begin to ring.

For now, fans can continue watching Andrews shine on ESPN’s NBA coverage and McMenamin break the latest NBA news. With two ascending careers between them, Andrews and McMenamin look to have bright professional futures coupled with an equally bright romantic future too.


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