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What Is Big Meech Release Date? Will He Be Released or Not

Demetrius “Big Meech release date” Flenory rose to notoriety as a drug kingpin and co-founder of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF) drug trafficking...

Will Big Meech Be Released from Prison? What We Know About His Release Date

Demetrius “Big Meech release date” Flenory rose to notoriety as a drug kingpin and co-founder of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF) drug trafficking organization. For years, he managed to evade law enforcement while amassing a substantial criminal empire. However, in 2007 his luck ran out and Big Meech was arrested on charges of running a continuing criminal enterprise and money laundering.

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In 2008, Flenory was handed a 30 year prison sentence, effectively putting an end to his criminal activities. Recently though, speculation has emerged that Big Meech could be out of prison sooner than originally expected. So what’s the current situation with his release date? Let’s take a closer look.

Big Meech release date Original 30 Year Sentence

When Big Meech stood trial in 2008, he was convicted of running a large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering operation. According to prosecutors, his Black Mafia Family was responsible for transporting cocaine across multiple states since the late 90s.

Taking his leadership role into account, the judge handed Big Meech a 30 year prison sentence. With credit for time served while awaiting trial, his original release date was set for March 4, 2032.

So for more than a decade, the expectation was that Big Meech would spend nearly all of his 50s behind bars. However, recent updates suggest an earlier release could be in store for the former drug lord.

Big Meech Release Date Moved Up to 2028

In early 2022, new reports emerged that Big Meech’s prison sentence has been reduced by a few years. According to the Detroit News, federal prison records now list his release date as March 7, 2028.

If accurate, that means Big Meech release date would be out of prison before his 50th birthday. Other outlets, including his Wikipedia page, also cite the updated 2028 release date.

So why was his lengthy 30 year sentence suddenly shortened? Unfortunately the specific reasons remain unclear. It’s possible that Big Meech qualified for a sentence reduction program offered to non-violent offenders in federal prisons. However, no official statement has confirmed that speculation.

Despite Brother’s Release, Meech Denied Early Release

Notably, Big Meech’s potential early release comes after his brother Southwest T served only 10 years of his similar 30 sentence. Convicted for his BMF involvement as well, Southwest T was granted compassionate release in 2020 as COVID swept through prisons.

Given his brother’s shortened sentence, many expected Big Meech would successfully argue for early release as well. However, his requests for compassionate release have been repeatedly struck down, with courts determining him too much of a public safety risk.

“The court finds that Flenory has the burden of showing eligibility for compassionate release and that he has failed to make the requisite showing,” wrote Judge David M. Lawson in October 2022.

So while his younger brother is already walking free, Big Meech remains behind bars for the foreseeable future.

Big Meech release date Conviction and Involvement with BMF

To understand Big Meech’s central role in the BMF saga, it helps to review his original conviction and ties to the notorious Detroit drug ring.

Along with his brother Southwest T, Big Meech co-founded BMF in the late 80s, eventually expanding it into a massive drug trafficking and money laundering operation [1][5]. According to prosecutors, the organization moved thousands of kilos of cocaine across state lines each month, generating astronomical profits.

Big Meech pled guilty to running a continuing criminal enterprise and money laundering conspiracy. Essentially, he admitted to organizing and supervising the large-scale drug distribution and subsequent money laundering.

With his leadership role in BMF, Big Meech took responsibility for the far-reaching criminal activities of the violent organization. That high-level involvement earned him the lengthy 30-year federal prison sentence.

Speculation Over Release Date Continues

Despite the recent updates, questions still remain about Big Meech release date actually from federal prison. Some speculation persists that with credit for good behavior, he could get out even earlier than 2028. However, no concrete evidence has emerged to support that yet.

Many fans also wonder if Big Meech will attempt to restart BMF upon his release. However, after spending over 15 years behind bars, he may instead choose to lead a quiet, lawful life outside of the spotlight when finally freed.

For now, the updated federal prison record pointing to 2028 remains the most reliable indicator of Big Meech’s release plans. Unless new information emerges or his sentence faces further reductions, interested parties should expect him to remain incarcerated for most of this decade.

Big Meech’s BMF Entertainment Record Label

Although notorious for the BMF drug ring, Big Meech also founded a record label by the same acronym. Launched in 2005, BMF Entertainment served as a front organization for the illegal drug proceeds.

The label sought to sign and promote hip hop artists and rap music. BMF Entertainment attracted various performers looking for a recording contract before the drug ring was dismantled.

So while music was a side interest, the record label provided a convenient way for Big Meech to launder BMF’s substantial profits from cocaine distribution. By using drug money to fund rap artists and promote their music, BMF Entertainment helped make the organization’s illegal earnings appear more legitimate on paper.

This creative form of money laundering worked well for a while. But following the collapse of BMF’s drug trade, the record label crumbled quickly too.

FAQ about Big Meech’s Possible Release

Still uncertain if or when the notorious former drug kingpin could regain his freedom? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Has Big Meech been denied compassionate release?

Yes, Big Meech has petitioned for compassionate release multiple times in recent years without success. Despite arguments about health issues and COVID-19 concerns, federal courts have repeatedly ruled him too much of a risk to public safety.

What was Big Meech actually convicted of?

Big Meech was convicted of continuing a criminal enterprise and money laundering conspiracy charges in 2008. This included organizing extensive drug trafficking and laundering the profits to promote BMF’s illegal activities.

What is Big Meech’s current expected release date?

If federal prison reports are accurate, Big Meech is scheduled to be released on March 7, 2028. This would shorten his sentence by a few years, but he was denied compassionate release requests to get out earlier.

Has Big Meech shown remorse for his crimes?

Publicly, Big Meech has shared little remorse about his BMF exploits and imprisonment. He may eventually address his past once released. But to date, he has not admitted guilt nor acknowledged victims harmed by BMF’s criminal reign.

What might Big Meech do once released from prison?

It’s merely speculation, but Big Meech could attempt to rebuild some form of legitimate business upon release. With his name recognition, pursuing music, media productions, writing, speaking engagements or consulting work could generate income. He may also advocate for criminal justice reforms.

Of course, remaining out of the spotlight to quietly spend time with family is another possibility as well. His plans remain unknown beyond leaving prison sometime around 2028.

The Outlook on Big Meech’s Eventual Release

Barring additional sentence reductions granting him an even earlier release, Big Meech is scheduled to walk free from federal prison in less than five years. But while his release date has moved up, he remains several years away from completing his punishment for leading the destructive BMF enterprise.

Given repeated rejections for compassionate release already, Big Meech has an uphill battle if he aims to get out earlier than 2028 now. His reputation as a high-level organized crime boss unfortunately works against him in petitioning courts to end his sentence prematurely.

Still, as his expected release creeps closer, speculation about what comes next will continue gaining momentum and attention. Will he look to profit from his fame and rebuild some business venture? Or perhaps leverage his platform to advance social justice reforms?

There may even be efforts from victims or law enforcement to restrict Big Meech’s activities post-prison through parole limitations or civil suits. Time will tell whether the former drug kingpin manages to stay clean following his release.

One thing’s for sure – whenever Big Meech leaves federal prison, public intrigue and controversy around his next moves will follow. So brace yourself for plenty more speculation as his scheduled 2028 release date approaches.

Table: Key Dates Related to Big Meech’s Prison Sentence & Release

Date Event
March 2008 Big Meech sentenced to 30 years in prison
March 2032 Original scheduled release date
Early 2022 Reports emerge of reduced sentence
March 2028 Current expected release date
October 2022 Compassionate release appeal denied


Big Meech release date, aka Demetrius Flenory, built up substantial wealth and notoriety as head of the Black Mafia Family drug trafficking empire. But his high-flying criminal lifestyle came to an abrupt end with a 30 year prison sentence in 2008.

Now after over a decade behind bars, Big Meech has a clearer picture of when he might regain his freedom. Thanks to undisclosed sentence reductions, his release date has been moved up to March 2028 according to the latest federal prison records.

Despite hopes he might get out even earlier, Big Meech has been denied compassionate release several times already. Courts uphold the danger still posed by the former drug kingpin. Unless he somehow achieves further sentence shortening, Big Meech will therefore remain incarcerated for most of the rest of this decade.

Once released, the public waits with bated breath to see what he might do next. Whether rebuilding a business, advocating for reforms or just maintaining a low profile, all eyes will be on Big Meech post-prison. But for now, the countdown towards his expected 2028 release simply continues.


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