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Mrbeast chris Before And After – The Journey of Kris Tyson

Kris Tyson, a longtime friend and collaborator of famous YouTuber MrBeast chris, has recently been in the spotlight due to their decision to transition...

Kris Tyson, a longtime friend and collaborator of famous YouTuber MrBeast chris, has recently been in the spotlight due to their decision to transition. Having appeared in numerous videos on MrBeast’s highly popular channel, fans have been able to compare Kris Tyson’s appearance before and after beginning hormone replacement therapy. This article will explore Kris’s transformation, the public’s reaction, and what this means for LGBTQ+ representation in online media.

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Kris Tyson has been a member of the mrbeast chris crew for years, frequently appearing in videos and assisting with stunts and challenges. Previously presenting as male and going by the name Chris, Kris had a conventionally masculine appearance with a beard and clothing typically marketed towards men.

However, in recent months, Kris has gone through a major transition, coming out as a transgender woman and changing her name, pronouns, and appearance. She announced this transition through interviews and social media, informing her many fans of her true gender identity.

While many have shown support for Kris’s journey, she has also faced some backlash and transphobic remarks online. As a public figure closely associated with one of YouTube’s biggest stars, her transition has not gone unnoticed.

Below we will explore Kris’s transition in more detail, looking at how her appearance has changed pre and post-hormone replacement therapy. We will also examine how MrBeast and the online community have responded to her coming out.

Kris Tyson’s Appearance Before Transitioning

As a recurring personality on mrbeast chris channel for years, fans have been able to observe Kris Tyson’s look and style prior to coming out as trans.

When appearing in videos as Chris, Kris had a conventional masculine appearance:

  • Short masculine hairstyle
  • Full beard
  • Typically wore clothes like hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts marketed to men
  • Deep voice
  • Went by he/him pronouns

In some of the earliest MrBeast videos featuring Chris, she had longer hair and a slimmer figure. However, her style evolved over time to align more with traditional masculinity.

As one of Jimmy’s closest friends, Chris was recognizable to fans and his masculine look reinforced the assumption that she was male. This appearance stayed consistent until Kris was ready to publicly transition in 2022.

Kris Tyson’s Appearance After Transitioning

In summer 2022, Kris Tyson officially came out as a transgender woman through a video appearance on Anthony Padilla’s popular interview series.

She informed viewers of her name, pronouns (she/her), and that she had begun hormone replacement therapy. This medical treatment utilizes medications like estrogen to develop female sex characteristics.

Since beginning HRT, Kris’s appearance has transformed in noticeable ways:

  • Growing out her hair into a longer feminine style
  • Removing her beard through laser hair removal treatments
  • Wearing traditionally feminine clothes like dresses and makeup
  • Developing physical changes like a slimmer figure and fuller facial features
  • Softening of her voice

Kris has shared updates about her transition openly on social media. Comparing older photos to now, the changes from hormone therapy are striking. Her renewed style reflects her internal gender identity.

While some fans have struggled to adjust to this new appearance, many have praised how happy and comfortable Kris seems presenting her true self. Her transformation is still ongoing, but she has found empowerment in publicly showing this side of herself.

Reactions from MrBeast Chris and the Online Community

As a close friend of mrbeast chris and member of his inner circle, Kris Tyson’s transition has been strongly supported by Jimmy himself.

In a public video statement, mrbeast chris acknowledged the difficulties Kris has faced but encouraged fans to respect her identity:

“Chris recently came out as transgender, and it hasn’t been easy for her. She’s still the same person, she’s still my friend, and I hope you continue to support her.”

He has also liked and shared many of Kris’s social media posts documenting her transition process. It’s clear MrBeast wants to use his massive platform to promote positivity.

However, the broader online reaction has been mixed. While many fans and online personalities have celebrated Kris’s brave vulnerability, she has also faced transphobic harassment.

Some cruel commenters have purposely used her old name and pronouns or left disparaging remarks about her appearance. But supportive voices have largely drowned these out and reported abuse.

Despite negativity from some, pride for Kris living as her true self has overwhelmingly prevailed. She can lean on friends like MrBeast for backup but has proven herself strong enough to take this bold step.

Kris Tyson’s Transition and the Future

While coming out publicly as transgender remains difficult, Kris Tyson has taken a huge leap forward in becoming her authentic self. Her considerable fanbase will play a big role in normalizing transgender identities and journeys like hers.

As her transition progresses, she plans to document it for any struggling with their gender to know they aren’t alone. Kris even wishes to pursue further procedures like vocal training and gender confirmation surgery.

Though she faces challenges like divorce and child custody, she has expressed feeling freer and more confident since beginning her transition. Her supporters far outweigh her disparagers.

MrBeast and friends have committed to nurturing an inclusive environment for her. Kris Tyson’s future looks bright as she continues on this path of self-acceptance.

She serves as an inspiration that however difficult, living honestly and openly can be incredibly rewarding. Her influence makes the online world a little more welcoming for those who feel marginalized. That legacy eclipses any superficial changes in her appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kris Tyson’s Transition

What pronouns and name does Kris Tyson use now?

Kris uses she/her pronouns and has changed her first name to Kris. She no longer goes by her old name Chris or uses he/him pronouns.

What medical procedures has Kris undergone during her transition?

So far, Kris has started hormone replacement therapy to develop female sex characteristics. She has also undergone laser hair removal treatments to remove facial and body hair and adopted a feminine gender expression.

How long has Kris known she is transgender?

While not confirmed, many believe Kris likely knew she was transgender for years but feared coming out publicly until recently. Her transition has been a gradual process of self-acceptance.

Has Kris gotten gender confirmation surgery?

Not yet, but Kris has expressed interest in getting procedures like vaginoplasty, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, and voice surgery in the future. These are expensive, complex surgeries that require much planning.

How has MrBeast shown support for Kris?

MrBeast has used his massive platform to validate Kris’s identity and condemn transphobic remarks. He treats her the same as before and ensures she feels comfortable during videos. Their close friendship remains unchanged.

What has the reaction been like on social media?

Many fans and online personalities have shared messages of love and support. But unfortunately, some continue to make cruel, transphobic comments about her appearance and identity. Overall, acceptance prevails.


Kris Tyson publicly coming out as transgender and transitioning has been an inspirational yet challenging journey. By living as her true self, she sets an example for others struggling with gender identity while facing backlash.

But the overwhelming support from friends like MrBeast reveals a online community growing more open-minded. Kris can educate people on transgender issues through documenting her transition.

While appearance does not define someone’s gender, Kris’s visible changes from hormone therapy help signal the deep internal changes she is undergoing. Her renewed confidence and comfort in her own skin, rather than looks, is what matters most.

Kris Tyson’s future shines brightly and her influence will make the online world a more inclusive place for LGBTQ+ people. This kind of representation in media helps create hope. Her bravery and vulnerability in sharing her story publicly is both touching and impactful.


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