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The Best Things You Should Know About Bubbles Trailer Park Boys

Bubbles trailer park boys, is one of the most beloved characters from the hit Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. With his thick glasses, squeaky...

Bubbles trailer park boys, is one of the most beloved characters from the hit Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. With his thick glasses, squeaky voice, and kind heart, Bubbles has captured the affection of audiences worldwide.

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Bubbles is the resident caretaker and animal lover in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Alongside his best friends Ricky and Julian, Bubbles finds himself embroiled in various get-rich-quick schemes and misadventures. However, Bubbles acts as the voice of reason within the group and tries to keep his friends out of too much trouble.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into 10 of the best things you should know about everyone’s favorite Trailer Park Boy. From his unknown last name to his army of rescued cats, here are some of the most interesting Bubbles facts every TPB fan should be aware of.

Bubbles’ Real Name is Unknown

One of the ongoing gags in Trailer Park Boys is that no one actually knows Bubbles’ real full name. He goes solely by the nickname “Bubbles” which he earned due to the large glasses he wears. Over the course of the show, Bubbles gives various fake full names such when he tells J-Roc that his name is “Seymour Butts” and “Harry Balzac.”

In an interview, actor Mike Smith revealed that Bubbles likely doesn’t even know his own last name due to being abandoned as a child. So whenever Bubbles is pressed for his surname, he simply makes up a silly fake one in response.

He Used to Have a Girlfriend Named Jenny

In the episode “Let The Liquor Do The Thinking,” we meet Bubbles’ ex-girlfriend Jenny. She had previously helped Bubbles try and save a group of his cats from being euthanized by animal control. Though they ultimately broke up, Jenny’s introduction showed that even Bubbles could find romance in Sunnyvale.

Their breakup was rather hilarious as well. As it turns out, Jenny didn’t appreciate Bubbles using her toothbrush to clean cat litter. Ultimately she left Bubbles because his first love will always be taking care of his beloved kitties.

Bubbles Mansion Bar in Halifax

Mike Smith, the actor who plays Bubbles, decided to open up a Trailer Park Boys themed bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia named Bubbles Mansion. Fittingly, the dive bar perfectly encapsulates the kitschy and quirky spirit of the show.

Patrons can sip on “Shitty Vodka Cocktails” and dine on menu items likes “Deecent Nachos” and “Frig Off Philly Cheesesteak.” The bar is filled with Trailer Park Boys memorabilia and has quickly become a must-visit destination for fans. So if you ever find yourself in Halifax, be sure to stop into Bubbles Mansion for some drinks and an authentic Sunnyvale experience.

Bubbles’ Best Quotes

Over Trailer Park Boys’ 22 seasons, Bubbles has dropped some incredibly hilarious, memorable, and even philosophical quotes.

Here are some of Bubbles’ best sayings:

·         “Conky says a lot of things. Conky says I should be nicer to cats.”
·         “Steve French is just a big stoned horny kitty.”
·         “It doesn’t take rocket appliances to get two drunk guys into a van.”
·         “You know, you guys started this store war, not us. And retaliation…retaliation is justified. It’s in the Bible.”

Bubbles’ quotes showcase Mike Smith’s comedic talents and prove that Bubbles can dish out amazing lines that rival even Ricky’s best “Rickyisms.”

Bubbles Makes Money Stealing Shopping Carts

One of Bubbles main hustles in Sunnyvale is stealing shopping carts from outside grocery stores and malls. He then sells the carts to other establishments, netting himself a decent tax-free income in the process. Over the course of the show, the police constantly hassle Bubbles about the origin of his shopping carts, but he somehow manages to avoid any legal punishment.

Stealing shopping carts sums up Bubbles hustler spirit. He manages to make money his own way without putting anyone in harm’s way, unlike Ricky who often resorts to robbing stores or growing weed.

His Love of Cats Knows No Bounds

If there is one defining trait about Bubbles (besides his coke-bottle glasses) it’s his unconditional love of cats. Bubbles spends much of his time in Sunnyvale rescuing stray kitties and nursing them back to full health. At various points in Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles has owned well over a dozen cats at a time in his shed.

Some of Bubbles most beloved kitties include Steve French, Sergeant Meowenstein, Purrmonster, and the Samsquanch (who Bubbles thought was a rare cryptid but actually turned out to be a shaved mountain lion). Bubbles goes to extreme lengths to care for his cats including sewing up gunshot wounds and even performing emergency “cataract” surgery on Steve French. His dedication lands him the informal status of the “Trailer Park Vet.”

Bubbles Tries to Keep Ricky and Julian Out of Trouble

As much as Ricky and Julian get Bubbles mixed up in their criminal plots, Bubbles himself does his best to keep his closest friends on the straight and narrow. Whenever Ricky’s plans start veering into dangerous territory, Bubbles encourages him to take a time out and think things through. And if Julian seems to be losing control, Bubbles helps mellow out the situation with his Conflict Resolution skills.

At his core, Bubbles just wants to have fun, make some money, and hang out with his kitties. So he often attempts to steer Ricky and Julian towards more ethical schemes…even if his advice falls on deaf ears most of the time. Nonetheless, Bubbles remains a grounding force in the trios friendship.

Bubbles Is Extremely Honest

Unlike most Sunnyvale residents involved in criminal plots and schemes, Bubbles tries his best to stay truthful and transparent – especially to the Trailer Park Boys documentary crew filming his life. If Bubbles happens to get himself in a jam, he will openly confess it to the cameras without hesitation.

In fact, when Ricky and Julian withhold details about a scheme from the documentary crew, Bubbles blurts out the full unfiltered truth much to his friends’ annoyance. Ultimately Bubbles presents an accurate depiction of the craziness that unfolds in Sunnyvale by giving the documentary crew unlimited access to his uncensored thoughts and actions.

Bubbles Has a Great Singing Voice

On various occasions during Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles surprises everyone by unveiling beautiful singing vocals. In one episode, Bubbles sings an elegant rendition of “The Lions Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens during a talent show. And in the later season “Out of the Park: Europe,” Bubbles receives praise from strangers regarding his singing abilities while the boys are on vacation.

Bubbles’ unexpected talent shows that there are still hidden depths to the character for fans to discover. And let’s hope the Trailer Park Boys creative team features more Bubbles singing moments in upcoming episodes and movies!


Over 12 seasons of comedy, Bubbles has cemented himself as one of the most beloved Trailer Park Boys characters. Between hisUNKNOWN last name, his thriftiness stealing shopping carts, to the hundreds of cats he has rescued, Bubbles contains multitudes beneath his eccentric exterior.

Ultimately what makes Bubbles so endearing is Mike Smith’s earnest and hilarious performance that grounds the show’s ridiculous schemes. Bubbles proves that amongst all the shenanigans and petty crime in Sunnyvale, he still maintains his integrity through brutal honesty and reliable friendship.

So the next time you watch Trailer Park Boys, keep all these amazing Bubbles facts in mind. And remember that “Conky says take care of cats!”


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