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What Is merkules net worth And Why He Popular In Canada?

Merkules net worth, is a rising star in the Canadian rap scene. With his raw, emotional lyrics, impressive freestyling skills, and engaging online presence...


Merkules net worth, is a rising star in the Canadian rap scene. With his raw, emotional lyrics, impressive freestyling skills, and engaging online presence, he has amassed a dedicated fanbase across the country. But just how much is the tattooed rapper worth, and what has made him so popular? This article will explore Merkules’ net worth, career highlights, and reasons for his widespread appeal.

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Estimating Merkules’ Net Worth

Pinning down an exact net worth for Merkules is tricky, as estimates vary widely. According to most reports, his net worth falls somewhere between $3 million and $8 million.

For example, CelebrityNetWorth.com pegged his net worth at $3 million as of August 2023[1]. Meanwhile, Naibuzz approximated his fortune could be as high as $8 million[4]. Other estimates fall somewhere in the middle, ranging from $4 million to $6 million.

Where does Merkules’ wealth come from? His primary revenue streams include:

  • Music sales (albums, singles, streaming royalties)
  • YouTube monetization
  • Concert tickets and merchandise sales
  • Brand partnerships and sponsorships

According to Popnable.com, Merkules earned $222.3K in 2019 from his music alone[2]. His YouTube channel has over 819 million total video views, which likely translates to sizable AdSense earnings[1]. He also sells tickets for shows and runs an online store with merch.

Overall, estimates point to Merkules having a respectable net worth between $3 million and $8 million. As his career continues gaining steam, this number will likely grow.

Overview of Merkules’ Music Career

To understand Merkules’ wealth, it helps to review his achievements in music – his primary career focus.

Merkules first stepped onto the scene in 2009, releasing mixtapes and collaborating with other local artists. His breakout arrived in 2015 when he dropped his debut album, Scars.

Since then, he has steadily expanded his discography:

·         Scars (2015)
·         Sad Cowboy (2016)
·         Canadian Bacon (2017)
·         Bacon Bits (2018)
·         Hunger Pains (2018)
·         Special Occasion (2019)
·         Apply Pressure (2021)

Several singles and EPs supplement these albums, along with guest spots on songs by artists like Kevin Gates, The Game, and E-40[1].

Known for his sharp freestyling abilities, Merkules has also battled opponents on King of the Dot and Grind Time Rap Battle leagues. His raw, confessional lyrics explore topics like addiction, relationships, and mental health.

So far, Merkules has achieved over 819 million YouTube views and 250k Instagram followers[1]. His partnerships with brands like Reebok and Rockstar Energy demonstrate his marketing appeal.

Overall, Merkules has established himself as a major presence – and earner – in Canadian hip hop through his growing catalogue of music.

The Keys to Merkules’ Popularity

Several factors explain why Merkules has become so popular, especially among Canadian rap fans:


Listeners are drawn to Merkules’ authenticity. His lyrics confront real issues like addiction and depression, which he has struggled with personally. By opening up about mental health, he makes fans feel less alone. His tattoos and ability to perform shirtless also project confidence and self-acceptance.

Raw Talent

Merkules possesses raw talent as a lyricist. His rhymes are complex, unpredictable, and delivered with versatility. He can rap over any beat while showcasing smooth flows and superb wordplay. This skill has earned respect in the hip hop community.


On social media and in interviews, Merkules exudes a charming, fun-loving personality. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, often joking around with fans and inserting humor into his music. This balance of goofy and intense makes him relatable.

CanCon Collaborations

Merkules has collaborated with many other popular Canadian artists like Snak the Ripper, Madchild, and Classified. These CanCon (Canadian content) team-ups appeal to hometown crowds looking to celebrate domestic talent.

YouTube Presence

With concert touring limited by the pandemic, Merkules’ YouTube channel has become his main stage. His music videos, vlogs, and other content give fans a constant feed of entertainment. The YouTube platform has expanded his reach globally.

Live Show

While Covid-19 sidelined concerts, Merkules is known for his lively, mosh-pit friendly performances. Footage shows him constantly hyping up crowds with his shirtless bravado. His high-energy shows satisfy fans eager to see their rap hero live.


In summary, Merkules has rapidly emerged as one of Canada’s hottest rap artists. His estimated net worth ranges from $3 million to $8 million, fueled by music sales, YouTube, touring, and merchandise. The rapper’s authentic lyrics, raw talent, online personality, collaborations, and live energy have driven his popularity. Moving forward, Merkules seems poised for even greater success and earnings in the Canadian hip hop landscape. His unique brand of motivate music will likely continue resonating with current and new fans nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Merkules

Who is Merkules?

Merkules is a rapper from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada who has gained popularity for his raw, authentic lyrics and impressive freestyling abilities. He started releasing mixtapes in 2009 and has since dropped several studio albums.

What is Merkules’ real name?

Merkules’ real name is Cole Stevenson. He chose the stage name Merkules as a play on Hercules, the Roman god of strength.

What is Merkules’ net worth?

Estimates of Merkules’ net worth range from $3 million to $8 million. His revenue comes from music sales, YouTube, touring, merchandise, and endorsements.

How did Merkules get famous?

Merkules gained fame by sharing raw, emotional lyrics about real issues like addiction and mental health struggles. His YouTube channel and collaborations with other Canadian rappers have expanded his popularity.

Who has Merkules collaborated with?

Some of Merkules’ notable collaborations have been with rappers like The Game, Kevin Gates, Madchild, Snak the Ripper, and Classified. These team-ups with other Canadian artists have helped grow his fanbase.

Is Merkules signed to a record label?

No, Merkules is currently an independent artist and owns all the rights to his music catalogue. He runs his own label called Green Apples in partnership with Fontana North.

Why does Merkules rap shirtless?

Merkules often raps shirtless to show confidence and self-acceptance. His shirtless performances also allow fans to see the tattoos covering his body and arms, which he proudly displays.

Where is Merkules from?

Merkules grew up in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He often reps his hometown and surrounding areas of Vancouver in his music.

How can I listen to Merkules’ music?

You can stream or purchase Merkules’ music through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Physical copies of his albums are also available on his website.

When is Merkules touring next?

Merkules is currently on The Apply Pressure Canada Tour through Fall 2023. Visit his website or social media pages for the latest tour dates and locations.

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