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When Will Kanye West’s Rumored Album “Man Across the Sea Part 2” Be Released?

Kanye West man across the sea, is one of the most influential and successful hip hop artists of all time. Across his decades-long career, he has released 9 studio...


Kanye West man across the sea, is one of the most influential and successful hip hop artists of all time. Across his decades-long career, he has released 9 studio albums that have shaped hip hop music and culture. His albums have incorporated elements of soul, electronic, and gospel music, showcasing his artistic versatility.

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In recent years, there have been rumors circulating about a new Kanye album titled “Man Across the Sea Part 2”. This has sparked anticipation among fans who are eager to hear new music from the rap legend. However, concrete details about the release date and tracklist remain unconfirmed.

In this article, we’ll explore the rumors surrounding “Man Across the Sea Part 2” and try to determine when fans can expect the album to drop.

Background on Kanye West

To understand the hype around “Man Across the Sea Part 2”, it’s important to first look at Kanye’s legendary career:

  • Kanye burst onto the rap scene in the early 2000s with his debut album “The College Dropout”, which featured hit singles like “Through the Wire” and “Jesus Walks”.
  • His sophomore album “Late Registration” elevated his status with chart-topping songs “Gold Digger” and “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”.
  • 2007’s “Graduation” established Kanye as a hip hop powerhouse, selling nearly 1 million copies in its first week.
  • His experimentation with AutoTune and electronic beats on 2008’s “808s & Heartbreak” inspired a new wave of hip hop and R&B fusion.
  • 2010’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is considered one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.
  • 2013’s abrasive “Yeezus” displayed Kanye’s brazenness and forward-thinking production.
  • 2016’s “The Life of Pablo” incorporated elements of gospel and set major streaming records.
  • 2018’s “Ye” gave fans an intimate look into Kanye’s personal struggles.
  • His 2019 gospel album “Jesus Is King” marked a spiritual new chapter for the artist.

With this consistent track record of groundbreaking albums, fans always have high expectations whenever Kanye releases new music.

The Rumors Around “Man Across the Sea Part 2”

In January 2023, rumors began circulating online about a new Kanye album called “Man Across the Sea Part 2”. This title likely refers to a song of the same name that appeared on West’s 2018 project “Ye”.

Various music insiders and blogs have hinted that Kanye has been quietly working on the sequel album over the past year. However, Kanye himself has not yet confirmed or announced the project.

Some key details that have emerged about “Man Across the Sea Part 2” so far:

  • It may contain spiritual themes and references to Christianity, based on Kanye’s recent faith-based creative direction.
  • Certain reports claim the album will have 15 tracks, while others say there will be more than 20 songs.
  • A few alleged tracklists have leaked online, but their validity is unverified.
  • Rumored collaborators include Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and Lauryn Hill – though nothing is officially confirmed.
  • Samples and musical elements from Kanye’s 2021 DONDA listening events may appear on the album.
  • Producers like Mike Dean, BoogzDaBeast and DJ Khaled have hinted at contributing.

However, without an official announcement from Kanye’s camp, none of these details can be corroborated. It’s unclear how far along the album is in development.

Analyzing a Potential Release Date

Given the rumors, when can fans realistically expect to hear “Man Across the Sea Part 2”? Let’s analyze some possible release date theories:

May/June 2023

  • Some sources are predicting a late Spring 2023 release. This timeline would make sense to capitalize on summer listening.
  • However, Kanye has given no indication that an album rollout is imminent. June feels too soon unless he surprise-drops it.

Fall/Winter 2023

  • Pushing it back to Q4 2023 would allow Kanye more time to perfect the recording and promotion.
  • But delaying too long risks losing momentum and hype around the project. Fans want new Kanye music ASAP.


  • With no real evidence that the album is complete, there is a chance it gets pushed back to next year.
  • But making fans wait that long would be an unusual move for Kanye when there’s demand for new music now.

No Official Release Date

  • Until Kanye or his label Def Jam make an announcement, theories are just speculation. It’s possible the project is scrapped.
  • Kanye is known for constantly changing directions. He may shelve “Man Across the Sea Part 2” and surprise us with something else entirely.

The Verdict

Given Kanye’s track record of releasing tentpole albums in the summer or fall, I’d predict a late Q3 or early Q4 2023 release if “Man Across the Sea Part 2” does materialize. However, fans should not take any rumors as fact until we hear directly from Kanye himself. He is mercurial and could change artistic directions at any moment. For now, the wait for his upcoming album continues.

Examining the Purported Tracklist

While no verifiable tracklist exists, a few alleged sequences of songs have made the rounds online. Let’s break down one supposedly leaked tracklist to assess if it seems plausible:

Tracklist Rumor:

1.     Breaking Free
2.     The Awakening (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3.     Reborn
4.     Leaders
5.     Fearless (ft. Travis Scott)
6.     New Jerusalem
7.     Man Across the Sea
8.     Glory (ft. Sunday Service Choir)
9.     Higher Learning (ft. Lauryn Hill)
10.Free Minds
11.No Regrets
12.The Good Fight
13.Righteous Path
14.The Light
15.Eternal Life


  • The tracklist follows a redemption-themed narrative arc, reflecting Kanye’s spiritual journey. This aligns with his recent Christian inspirations.
  • Songs like “Breaking Free”, “Reborn”, and “Eternal Life” reinforce the concept.
  • Features like Chance, Travis, Lauryn Hill and a gospel choir signal a diverse sonic palette.
  • Short track names like “Fearless”, “Free Minds” and “No Regrets” are classically Kanye.
  • The sequencing flows well from songs about struggle to songs about growth and joy.
  • “Man Across the Sea” as the centerpiece ties back to the album title.


The alleged tracklist has cohesiveness and seems believable directionally for a Kanye gospel-rap album. However, it’s impossible to know if any leaked info is accurate. Until we get a real bombshell like a tracklist directly from Kanye, it’s best to curb speculation.

How “Man Across the Sea Part 2” Could Build Kanye’s Legacy

As one of the most decorated artists in hip hop history, Kanye does not have much left to prove. However, “Man Across the Sea Part 2” represents an opportunity to expand his artistic boundaries into new territory:

Evolution of His Faith-Based Music

  • Kanye can further develop the gospel rap style and themes he introduced on “Jesus Is King”. This album can demonstrate growth.

Collaborations With Iconic Artists

  • Potential features with music greats like Lauryn Hill and Chance the Rapper could produce legendary team-ups.

Introspective Concept Album

  • He can use a redemption narrative to get deeply personal about his struggles in recent years.

Return to Form

  • Fans feel his last few projects have been a step down. “Man Across the Sea Pt. 2” can re-capture his magic.

Experimental Production

  • Kanye can pioneer new sounds and production techniques to start the next wave.

The bottom line is Kanye has a prime opportunity to make a statement and deliver another high mark career-defining album. But only time will tell if “Man Across the Sea Part 2” lives up to the hype and becomes an iconic Kanye release.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did rumors about “Man Across the Sea Part 2” start circulating?

Rumors about the new Kanye West album began popping up online around January 2023, but there has been no official confirmation yet from Kanye or his camp about the project.

What genre will the album be?

Based on reports, it is expected that “Man Across the Sea Part 2” will be a gospel rap album with inspiration from Kanye’s Christian faith. But his albums are often genre-blending, so other influences are likely.

Where does the title “Man Across the Sea” come from?

It’s a reference to a song called “I Am a God” that appeared on Kanye’s 2013 album Yeezus, which contains the lyrics “I am a god/Even though I’m a man of G-O-D/My whole life in the hands of God/So y’all better quit playing with God.”

Have any tracks been officially released yet?

No, there have been no official singles, snippets or previews released from “Man Across the Sea Part 2” so far. Any leaked tracks online are unofficial.

How reliable are the tracklist rumors?

The alleged tracklists that have surfaced on blogs and forums are completely unverified. Kanye is known for frequently changing tracklists during his album making process, so nothing is certain until he announces it.

Should fans expect a surprise release or more promotion?

It’s hard to predict Kanye’s rollout strategy. He may release this album by surprise like he did in 2016 with The Life of Pablo. But given its anticipated nature, he may take a more promotional approach this time.


Kanye West’s upcoming album “Man Across the Sea Part 2” is shrouded in mystery and rumors. With no concrete details directly from the mercurial rap genius himself, no release timeframe or tracklist can be stated definitively. However, analyzing the speculation points to a potential late 2023 unveiling of a gospel-inspired personal redemption concept album – if the project does materialize.

For now, fans anxiously await any update from Mr. West. But knowing Kanye’s unpredictable creative process, he could pivot directions completely and deliver something totally unexpected. Until then, the Kanye hype train keeps chugging along, fueled by whispers and theories. But that anticipation reflects his legendary reputation – each album unveiling has become an iconic event in music. Hopefully “Man Across the Sea Part 2” carries on that grand tradition whenever it surfaces.

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