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10 Unblocked Music Sites to enjoy music anywhere: 100% working music sites 2021

Top 10 100% working sites to enjoy free music: List of latest unblocked music sites

Are you looking for a new music site? Unblocked Music Sites 2021 is the best place to listen to your favorite songs. We have all of the newest hits and old favorites, so there’s something for everyone. And it’s not just about listening – we also offer lyrics, video clips, and more!

You can even create playlists with our simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you want without having to search through tons of other content. Plus, we know that school comes first – so we don’t block any sites on our network! Click this ad right now and sign up

Some schools or colleges may block websites for safety reasons. There are many websites that you can find and access. These sites are easy to search. They’re free, too.

We will learn about sites that you can use to download or stream music.

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Unblocked music sites to listen to music free without ads

Here are some sites where you can listen to music. They are all free, and they don’t have any ads. Apple Music Pandora Amazon Music Unlimited Spotify Prime Amazon Prime Music Google Play Music Youtube

Here are some websites for playing music. You can use them in 2021-2022.

Amazon’s own music service is getting more popular. They are giving new users a free account. You guessed right! If you have any songs on your device, you can play them on Amazon Music. Simply put, you must join Amazon Music and listen to all your favorite music.

Google Music

This is one of my favorite websites to listen to music. I like it because you can listen while surfing the internet. This is a Google Product, so it can’t be blocked by any institution or workplace. The Reddit website is the same as the app. It is fast and easy to use. If you are used to using the web version, that’s fine too. This service from Google has many songs. Maintain a clear and logical structure throughout your work. A Premium Membership costs $99.99 a month.

The price depends on the state or country where you live. You can get rid of ads and unlock other features with this membership. It is not necessary to pay money to listen to music on Spotify. That is all that you need for a free subscription. Create a Google Account. It’s because you have to visit the website called Google Music.


Grooveshark is a free service that lets you listen to music without creating an account. I have been using it and I don’t have any problems. The site provides the user with a few features. Another feature of the website is looking for a song/artist, which lets you listen to all the music on it. The user can save the songs they enjoy for music to listen to later when they don’t have a connection.

To do this, you need to do a few steps. All you have to do now is go to their website, type in the song/artist name, and start listening. In order to download a song, find the name of the song on this page. You will see a button that says, “download.” Click on it and you’ll be able to download the song. I’m not sure if this site is legal. I want to use it to listen to music for free, but I am not sure.


Many songs are available on Slacker. This is a free internet radio station that broadcasts both songs that are interesting and songs that are addictive. I am using the app. It is easy to go on this website. You can find a list of free radio stations on their homepage. Choose the genre that removes the rest of the list. It is possible for a photo of an artist to show up while listening to music. All you have to do now is push the Play button. Slacker Radio is a popular music service. People like it and give it good ratings. The live stream will be managed by a large team according to their official statement. They will also provide a free and paid subscription to users.


In the future, when you have a question about something that is happening in your life, find out where you live and then look for it there. TuneIn lets a lot of people listen to music. You can hear music from all sorts of genres and it is free! You can use the website without spending anything by signing up for a free account. There are also different kinds of accounts that you can buy which are paid and free. If you buy a premium membership, you will get extra features. But you can also use their free service.

The best thing about Opera VPN is that you do not have to sign up for a free account. That’s good, and you should think about it. They also have music on their website. You can try to listen to their internet radio. This is the main thing they do. This is a summary of everything. Hundreds of areas and languages are covered. Their library has a lot of music that you can listen to.

You do not need to download their app. You can use the website and a browser plugin from their website. This website is easy to use on mobile phones and on other devices. Some people can play music and control what they hear with this machine.


This blog is for students, so it might be interpreted that way. Royalty-free music is music that you can use for work or for pleasure. You just need to make sure the song meets the criteria.

Soundzabound offers a lot of free music to people. We have a huge library and we always add more songs. According to the site’s operators, this website is created for educational reasons. It is not intended to do anything wrong. As a result, you may feel comfortable visiting Soundzabound and listening to anything you want.


Every song on AccuRadio stations is popular. And they are happy songs. You can play any channel you like. It will be saved in your Favorites list. To listen to music from AccuRadio, you do not need an account. Visit our website. Click on any radio channel to listen. AccuRadio is a free internet radio application. It has over one hundred stations. #homeworkhelp You can listen to any of the many radio stations on your phone. Listen to music! Many of us like to listen to songs on the radio. It is more traditional and you can sometimes hear important information.

The gaming community is really diverse. There are many games to choose from and new people can find the one that they like and start playing right away. We also have other types of games, like Classical and Blues and Chill and more! Different website skins are available. You can change your skin and the look of the UI when you get bored with it.


Saavn is an Indian service, but it may also provide music from other countries. They sell Bollywood music to many customers. Saavn lets artists use their own music. Artists can sell their music to people through Saavn. Let’s say you are looking for coldplay songs. If the official radio channel is available on the saavn website, it will be free.

Saavn is a company that the company Reliance Industries owns. Saavn is a list of audio sites that are not blocked. It is not restricted by firewalls, and it also has music and internet radio.

The songs you will get are of good quality. That’s why the sound is clear. For streaming, I recommend using a medium bit rate. If you don’t do this, the music will not sound good when played at a high volume. They also make programs in Java that are for Android and iOS. Visit Saavn’s website to learn more. There are lots of things to find out there.


The most interesting part of Hungama is that they also provide movies. It is possible to use two services in one portal. I liked how they had a lot of different types of music and movies. The music section lists the top songs, albums, and artists each week. TV shows and movies are available on this website. You should look up the other side to find out more. There’s a lot of stuff for you there.

The Top 20 Unblocked Music Sites

Here are some websites you might like if you don’t like the ones I mentioned.

  1. Google music
  2. Grooveshark
  3. Slacker
  4. TuneIn
  5. Soundzabound
  6. AccuRadio
  7. Saavn
  8. Hungama
  9. Free Music Archive
  10. CCTRAX
  11. AudioMack
  12. Live 365
  13. Spotify
  14. Bluebeat
  15. Digital Revolution Radio
  16. IncusTunes
  17. Dash Radio
  18. Deezer
  19. Tracks
  20. iHeart

Final Verdict

We hope you found some Unblocked song sites. I like unblocked music sites. I like them because there is no one to stop me from listening to the songs. Cheers!


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