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What Is Shingi Mutasa net worth 2023 And Who Is He?

Shingi Mutasa net worth 2023: Masawara's multimillionaire founder and leader is Mutasa. He is also regarded as Zimbabwe's wealthiest person. Masawara Plc, an active investment firm focused on acquiring strategic interests in businesses primarily...

Shingi Mutasa net worth 2023: Masawara’s multimillionaire founder and leader is Mutasa.

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Who is Shingai Mutasa?

The company’s founder and group CEO, Shingai Mutasa, is also regarded as Zimbabwe’s wealthiest person. Masawara Plc, an active investment firm focused on acquiring strategic interests in businesses primarily located in the East & Southern African region, was founded by Shingai. He serves as Masawara Zimbabwe (Private) Limited’s Group Chief Executive Officer. Shingai has a deep love for Africa. In keeping with this, he promotes business in Africa and takes part in initiatives supporting Zimbabwe’s future growth. Masawara is currently a top regional investment firm in the COMESA area with a diverse portfolio of financial services. In the area, The Masawara Group employs many people.


Full Name Shingayi Stanley Mutasa
Age 63
Birth Date November 26, 1958
Occupation Entrepreneur
Nationality Zimbabwe
Children Mudiwa (son)
Spouse(s) Karen Mutasa

Why Did Africa University Award Shingi As dr shingai mutasa?

Shingai Mutasa, a prominent corporate figure in Zimbabwe, is one of the newest graduates from Africa University. In honor of his endeavors to advance ethical business practices and increase investment in Africa, the university conferred the degree of Doctor of Business Leadership (Honoris Causa) on Mutasa.

Shingai Mutasa Support To Education

The basic operating costs of Africa University, including academic and staff salaries and essential infrastructure, are supported by Shingai Mutasa’s support of the Africa University Fund apportionment.

Mutasa said he took the honorary doctorate at the July 3 commencement. He declared his intention to fund training and study opportunities at Africa University in archaeology and artificial intelligence. The development of this organization, the Africa University, portends well for the future of our country, Africa, and the African church.

What Is Shingi Mutasa net worth 2023?

Masawara, a pan-African investment firm with assets in financial services, technology, real estate, agrochemicals, and hospitality, is the brainchild of millionaire entrepreneur Mutasa. The source has revealed no exact figure which tells the exact amount of shingi mutasa net worth. But still, his name comes under the richest man in zimbabwe net worth.

Shingai Mutasa Career

Shingai started his career in commodity trading. He then bought a strategic stake in the diverse conglomerate TA Holdings Limited, which was later listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. His vision led to the transformation of TA Holdings into Masawara Plc, whose vision and purpose are based on creating a platform of permanence to serve through the provision of exceptional goods and services. Masawara is heavily engaged in the operations and strategic direction of all its businesses because its investment philosophy is based on an operator-investor model.

Shingai Mutasa As Group CEO

As Group CEO, he directs capital allocation, sets the strategic direction, and pursues business prospects consistent with Masawara’s goals.

Shingai Mutasa Current Work Status

He presently serves on several boards in various sectors and industries, where he advocates for aggressive growth, the creation of sustainable value, and the development of powerful brands.

Mutasa Mutasa Family

Both Africa University and the United Methodist Church were founded in the 1890s. Chief Tendai, the great-grandfather of Shingai Mutasa, gave Cecil Rhodes land in return for his people’s educational chances. Rhodes granted Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell access to a part of that property on which he established the Old Mutare Methodist Mission Center, which includes a hospital, primary and secondary schools, and an orphanage.

The current primary campus of Africa University is located on about 1542 acres of that original land grant from Chief Tendai. The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe gave it to the organization in 1988 as the first donation to support the establishment of Africa University.

Who is the wife of Shingi Mutasa?

Karen Mutasa is married to Zimbabwean business mogul Shingai Mutasa. She is living a happily married life.

Mutasa Mutasa Company: https://www.masawararetreat.com/

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