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Serial Killer Isekai ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: What Mystery Will Come?


Serial killer isekai ni oritatsu chapter 7, is a popular Japanese light novel series that combines elements of fantasy, psychological thriller, and mystery. The story follows a serial killer who finds himself transported to another world, where he must navigate a new reality while uncovering secrets about his twisted past.

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Chapter 7 represents a major turning point in the narrative, as new information comes to light that begins unraveling the complex threads of the overall mystery. In this article, we will provide a chapter summary, analyze key developments, and speculate on what twists and reveals lie ahead.

Chapter Summary

In Serial killer isekai ni oritatsu chapter 7, titled “The Night of the New Moon”, the protagonist awakens to find himself imprisoned in a strange labyrinthine dungeon with no memory of how he got there. This unexpected development interrupts his relatively peaceful life at the magic academy, where he had slowly been regaining fragmented memories of his former life as a serial killer.

Alone in the dungeon, the protagonist encounters a mysterious girl named Luna, who seems to recognize him and claims they knew each other in “another time.” Luna reveals information about the protagonist’s forgotten past, explaining that they both underwent traumatic experiments by a secret organization seeking to create powerful magic users.

According to Luna, these experiments fractured their minds and corrupted their souls, turning them into ruthless killers devoid of empathy. However, their shared desire to resist the organization’s control allowed them to escape to this new world, where the protagonist’s memories were erased while Luna retained hers.

The revelations make the protagonist question his identity and past actions. Seeking answers, he tries probing Luna for more information but finds her knowledge limited. It’s clear there are still missing pieces to the puzzle of who he truly was and what he did.

Analysis of Key Developments

Serial killer isekai ni oritatsu chapter 7 brings several intriguing new developments that move the overarching mystery forward:

Revelation of Shared Past Experiments

Luna’s claims of shared traumatic experiments provide the first real clues about the protagonist’s forgotten history. Her insistence that they knew one another and were both warped into killers adds critical context, painting the protagonist not just as a criminal but also a victim. This revelation adds depth and nuance to his backstory.

Hints at Protagonist’s True Nature

Throughout the series, there have been hints that the protagonist harbored deeply twisted tendencies, despite his polite outward persona. Luna’s descriptions of the experiments now lend credence to the idea that his inner psychopathic nature was deliberately cultivated and unleashed by external forces.

Introduction of Secret Organization

The reveal of a shadowy organization that psychologically manipulated children is a classic trope of conspiracy thrillers. This development expands the scope of the mystery beyond just the protagonist’s personal history to suggest a broader web of sinister agendas and schemes. The organization likely serves as the main antagonist driving events.

Questions Around Luna’s Knowledge

While Luna provides tantalizing details, the limits of her knowledge raise doubts. How does she know what she claims to know? Why does the protagonist have total amnesia while she retains memories? Luna’s unclear motivations for approaching the protagonist inject uncertainty around whether she can be fully trusted.

Speculation on Upcoming Twists and Reveals

Chapter 7 sets up plenty of intrigue for future installments.

Here are some predictions on potential twists and reveals:

  • More insight into the true natures of the protagonist and Luna based on their past actions. Flashes of buried memories could show their involvement in horrific crimes.
  • Further details on the human experiments conducted on them and other children. More survivors from these experiments may emerge.
  • Exploration of the extent of the mind manipulation and fracturing the two endured. This may have created alter egos or even psychic links between them.
  • Revelations that Luna is an unreliable narrator with her own agenda who cannot be fully trusted. Her claims may be distortions of the real truth.
  • The secret organization behind the experiments playing a direct role in the story. Key members or the inner workings of the group could be exposed.
  • Confrontations with others from his past who know the protagonist’s history and challenge his persona in the new world. Their perspectives may differ from Luna’s account.
  • Twists related to how and why the protagonist and Luna escaped to this new world. Their transition may have been deliberately facilitated by either the organization or an unknown player.

No matter the specific paths the story takes, it’s clear Chapter 7 has set the stage for an intense, twist-filled ride as the protagonist – and readers – gets closer to unraveling the mysteries of his identity and past.


Serial Killer Isekai ni Oritatsu crafts a fascinating psychological thriller narrative layered with elements of fantasy and mystery. Chapter 7 provides revelations that begin untangling the complex threads around the protagonist’s forgotten history and inner nature.

The emergence of a shadowy organization as a potential antagonist expands the scope for conspiracy-fueled twists and revelations. While Luna offers clues, her knowledge has noticeable gaps, leaving ample room for unpredictability moving forward.

Chapter 7 represents a turning point that sets up an intriguing phase of the story defined by confronting past demons, digging deeper into fractured psyches and memories, and navigating the ripple effects of long-buried experiments and agendas. Readers are left to eagerly anticipate where the unpredictable narrative will go next on its way to unraveling the many secrets still hidden in the dark.

Table summarizing key developments in Serial Killer Isekai ni Oritatsu Chapter 7

Development Significance
Protagonist imprisoned in mysterious dungeon Disrupts peaceful life, forces confrontation with past
Introduction of Luna Claims to know protagonist, provides backstory details
Revelations about traumatic experiments Shed light on protagonist’s history as killer
Hints at protagonist’s twisted inner nature Experiments may have deliberately unleashed psychopathy
Secret organization referenced Expands scope beyond just protagonist’s past
Luna’s knowledge has limits Raises uncertainty around her narratives

Frequently Asked Questions about Serial killer isekai ni oritatsu chapter 7

Here are some common questions about Serial Killer Isekai ni Oritatsu Chapter 7:

Q: What new information is revealed in Chapter 7?

A: Chapter 7 reveals the existence of a secret organization that conducted experiments on the protagonist and Luna as children to turn them into killers. Luna claims she and the protagonist knew each other from these experiments and escaped together to the new world.

Q: Who is the new character Luna introduced in this chapter?

A: Luna is a mysterious girl who recognizes the protagonist from their “past lives.” She reveals critical backstory details about being subjected to traumatic experiments by a shady organization along with the protagonist.

Q: How does Luna know about the protagonist’s past when his own memories are erased?

A: This is unclear. Luna retains memories of their shared past while the protagonist has total amnesia. The gaps in her knowledge raise doubts about whether she is a fully reliable narrator.

Q: What is the secret organization that is mentioned?

A: The organization appears to be the main antagonist in the story. According to Luna, they conducted psychological experiments on children, including the protagonist and herself, to turn them into killers stripped of empathy.

Q: What theories might explain the protagonist’s memory loss?

A: Possible explanations include trauma-induced amnesia from the experiments, deliberate memory tampering by the organization, or side effects from escaping to the new world. Upcoming chapters may reveal more.

Q: How might the revelations impact the protagonist’s personality and development?

A: Learning of his potential past as a manipulated killer will likely cause internal conflict and make the protagonist question his identity. This could spur development in unpredictable directions.

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