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Complete Update About Love Island Season 1 Cast, Crew, Review

Love Island Season 1 cast took the world by storm when it first aired in the United States in 2019. Viewers were drawn into the villas, relationships, drama...

The Journey of Love Island: A Look Back at Season 1

Love Island Season 1 cast took the world by storm when it first aired in the United States in 2019. Viewers were drawn into the villas, relationships, drama and romance that unfolded over the course of 8 weeks. Now, with new seasons and spin-offs in the works, let’s take a moment to look back at where it all started with Love Island Season 1.

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Behind the Scenes: Creation and Production

Love Island USA premiered on July 9, 2019 on CBS. It was hosted by Arielle Vandenberg and featured voice-over commentary by Matthew Hoffman. The inaugural season was filmed in Fiji and consisted of 40 episodes over the course of 8 weeks.

The creator and executive producer was David Eilenberg. Additional executive producers included Richard Foster, Chet Fenster, Ben Thursby, and Dan Baldwin. The series saw 25 islanders enter the villa over the course of the season.

Contestants applied and were scouted through social media. They underwent thorough background checks and health screenings before being selected. The goal was to find vibrant singles ready for a summer of love and relationships.

Inside the Villa: Contestants and Couplings

Over the course of 8 weeks, viewers got to know the original islanders and new arrivals. Some formed strong bonds and relationships while others experienced drama, tension, and breakups.

The initial islanders were:

  • Kyra Green, 22
  • Emily Salch, 21
  • Yamen Sanders, 24
  • Weston Richey, 25
  • Zac Mirabelli, 22
  • Elizabeth Weber, 24
  • Alexandra Stewart, 25
  • Dylan Curry, 24

As the season progressed, new islanders arrived to shake things up:

  • Cashel Barnett, 27
  • Katrina Dimaranan, 25
  • Jered Threat, 22

The final couples consisted of:

  • Winners:Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber
  • Runners Up:Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart

Over the course of 8 weeks there were makeups, breakups, tension, tears, proposals and so much more. Viewers loved watching relationships form organically.

Standout Moments and Watercooler Talk

Season 1 delivered many standout moments that had viewers talking and reacting on social media:

  • The First Coupling:In the premiere episode, the initial pairing saw some unexpected matches like Weston and Yamen. It set the tone for surprises to come.
  • Trouble in Paradise:Several couples experienced tension, doubt and messy breakups. These included Emily and Weston, Alexandra and Cashel, and more.
  • New Arrivals Shake Things Up:When new islanders like Katrina arrived, they chose guys in established couples to go on dates with them. This rattled the other women and caused tension.
  • Casa Amor:The ultimate relationship test saw the guys and girls separated into two villas. New islanders arrived to try and turn heads and shake up standing relationships.
  • An Emotional Finale:The final vow renewals and glimpses into the future left some islanders proposing and everyone reaching for the tissues.

These twists, turns and talked-about moments contributed to Season 1’s wild ride from start to finish.

Where Are They Now? Couples and Controversies

So where did our favorite islanders end up after the cameras stopped rolling? Let’s break down the status of the key couples and individuals from Season 1:

Zac and Elizabeth: After winning the show, the fan favorite couple split the $100K prize. However, soon after leaving the villa they called it quits on their romance in Fall 2019. Elizabeth returned to her career in marketing in San Francisco. Zac continues modeling and is a co-founder of the Restore Hyper Wellness center in West Hollywood.

Dylan and Alexandra: The runners up seemed poised for romance but ended up breaking up a few months after the show wrapped. Alexandra continues modeling and resides in Los Angeles. Dylan is signed with Wilhelmina models in NYC.

Weston and Emily: This couple also looked strong on the show before having issues post-season and quietly splitting. Weston is pursuing a country music career in Nashville. Emily lives in Dallas where she co-owns a boutique.

Yamen and Aissata: After Yamen was briefly coupled up with Alana Morrison, he reconnected with Aissata Diallo. The two continued dating off camera before eventually ending their relationship.

Kyra and Cashel: One of the more complex storylines saw this couple get together, break up, have Cashel leave, and then rekindle things post show. However, the reunited pair split again shortly thereafter. Kyra went on to appear on seasons of “The Challenge” and Ex on the Beach. Cashel has stepped back from reality TV but occasionally posts travel adventures on Instagram.

Beyond these lead islanders, others have also pursued opportunities in modeling, music, content creation and beyond. Many still have ties to reality TV worlds through podcasts, hosting gigs, appearances on newer seasons and spinoffs, and more.

Lingering Questions

As we reflect on Season 1, some key questions still remain about events in and outside of the villa:

  • Why did solid couples like Zac and Elizabeth not work out long term? Was it too much pressure or are relationships formed in these scenarios doomed to eventually fizzle?
  • Were controversial comments reportedly made by contestants like Caroline cut from final airings? Should past social media commentary been more thoroughly vetted?
  • How will future seasons top drama-filled moments like Casa Amor and shocking new arrivals? Can producers continue to catch long term viewers off guard?
  • Which contestants stood out and are deserving of comeback opportunities or chances to compete on all star editions?
  • What about rumored post-season friction and shade thrown between former islanders via social media? Were personalities and clashes accurately portrayed or was editing missing key details?

Hopefully future reunions, interviews, anniversary specials and revivals may revisit Season 1 favorites and provide more closure. For now, questions linger about events both on and off camera.

Launching an Empire: Franchise Expansion

While Love Island USA is still airing its first handful of seasons stateside, it has become a true global empire spawning international spin-offs and expansion:

  • 2005 –Love Island Premieres in UK
  • 2015 –Love Island Australia Debuts
  • 2018 –1st Season of Love Island Germany
  • 2019 –CBS Brings Franchise to United States
  • 2020 –French Adaptation Hits Airwaves
  • 2022 –Peacock Announces Love Island Game Show Spinoff

And many additional versions continue in various stages of development across Nigeria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and beyond. Rumors even suggest potential celebrity, college or senior citizen editions could join these international rosters soon!

What’s Next? Peacock’s Love Island Games

While Love Island USA Seasons 4 and 5 gear up to air on CBS in 2023, that’s not the only new release for franchise fans to look forward to. Peacock has ordered a brand new reality game show hybrid titled Love Island Games set to premiere November 1, 2023.

Love Island Games Details:

  • Launch Date: November 1, 2023
  • Airing on Peacock
  • Hosted by Melanie “Mel G” Gabriel (from Love Island UK Season 3)
  • Features past contestants from multiple global seasons
  • Competitions and challenges for $100,000 grand prize

{{Image here of Love Island Games key art / graphics}}

Contestant Wish List: Fan speculation suggests hopes to see favorites from Season 1 and beyond potentially returning. Names floated include:

  • Zac Mirabelli
  • Elizabeth Weber
  • Kyra Green
  • Dylan Curry
  • Wes Ogsbury
  • Kaitlynn Anderson

And that’s just from early US seasons and casts. The global reach suggests favorites from UK, Australia and beyond may also compete.

Continued Craze: Why We Can’t Stop Watching

Why has Love Island captured viewer’s hearts and attention for nearly 20 seasons across continents? A few reasons it remains addicting include:

  • Escapism:We’re drawn into an exotic island environment far from our normal lives.
  • Living Vicariously:Watching relationships unfold and connections form is gripping even if we’re happily married at home.
  • Predictions:As new islanders arrive and shake things up, part of the fun is guessing who will couple up next.
  • Relatability:Even if relationships move faster, the tensions, turning points and chemistry moments feel grounded and familiar.
  • FOMO:With new seasons rapidly expanding, the fear of missing out keeps loyal fans tuning in.

Now with spin-offs like Love Island Games bringing together global fan favorites, viewers have even more to obsess over and talk about year-round.

Final Thoughts

In closing, as we reflect back on the franchise’s first US season, it’s clear why Love Island struck a chord with viewers and set the stage for future editions. At the core was a cast of vibrant singles ready for summer romance peppered with plenty of surprises.

Of course over 8 weeks relationships formed, bonds grew strong, and some hearts got broken. We witnessed emotional vow renewals and a landmark on-air proposal. While real world challenges caused some post-villa couples to eventually split, others formed lasting friendships or even found long term partnership.

Now new seasons help fans get their fix while reunions, specials and spinoffs like Love Island Games revisit successful islands leveraging nostalgia and unpredictable fun. So get your texting thumbs ready – because one thing’s for sure – for fans of Love Island, there’s even more love to go around in the years ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Love Island Season 1:

Who won Love Island USA Season 1?

The winners of Love Island Season 1 were Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber. They split the $100,000 prize money.

How can I rewatch Love Island Season 1?

You can stream full episodes and highlights from Season 1 on Paramount+. Some clips are also available on YouTube.

Why did Zac and Elizabeth break up after winning?

Zac and Elizabeth ended their romantic relationship in Fall 2019, a few months after winning and leaving the island. Long distance and growing apart are rumored to be contributing factors.

What happened to the Season 1 runners up?

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart, who were the runners up, broke up in November 2019 after leaving the villa. Both have continued modeling careers.

Are any couples from Season 1 still together?

As of late 2023, none of the established couples from Season 1 are still romantically involved. Many split within months of the season ending.

Will any Season 1 islanders appear on Love Island Games?

Casting is still underway for the new Peacock spinoff show Love Island Games, but producers may hope to tap contestants from earlier seasons to take part.


Love Island’s debut season brought all the hallmarks viewers have come to expect – surprise shakeups, emotional vows and proposals, and short term romance with some rollercoaster relationships. While Season 1 couples did not stand the test of time back in the real world, the season nonetheless cemented the franchise’s potential.

Now nearly 5 years later, the show continues airing new seasons and pushing further into global markets. Interest remains stronger than ever in all things Love Island – especially now with the upcoming Games format set to reunite favorites from multiple seasons and countries.

So whether you’ve been watching since Zac, Elizabeth, Alexandra and Dylan’s stint in Fiji – or are just discovering the show’s escapist appeal – there’s never been a better time to indulge in a bit of Love Island. Just beware, as the series continues expanding, you might just get hooked!


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