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Was Brighton Butler Divorce In Her Favour Or Against? Lets Find Out

Brighton Butler divorce filed from her husband Duncan Butler on May 2, 2023, after being married for just over 3 years. While the details of their divorce settlement are not public, there are several factors that likely worked in Brighton’s favor during the proceedings.

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Background on the Butlers’ Marriage

Brighton and Duncan Butler were married on January 25, 2020 in a small ceremony in Brighton’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Shortly after their wedding, the couple relocated to Denver, Colorado where Duncan worked as an architect and Brighton pursued her passion for photography.

By all accounts, Brighton and Duncan seemed happily married during their first two years together. They were frequently spotted around town dining at restaurants, attending art galleries, and hiking in the mountains near their home.

However, at some point in late 2022, things seemed to take a turn. Tabloid reports began surfacing that Duncan had been seen around town without his wedding ring. Brighton also stopped posting photos with her husband on social media around this time.

Why Did Brighton File For Divorce?

In May 2023, Brighton Butler filed divorce papers in Arapahoe County, Colorado, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce.

While Brighton did not publicly elaborate on what caused the breakdown of their marriage, there are a few clues that may explain why she made the decision to file.


Tabloid rumors had been swirling for months that Duncan had been unfaithful. Photos surfaced in early 2023 showing Duncan out late at bars and restaurants with other women.

If Duncan was indeed cheating, this would have given Brighton solid grounds for divorce. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce and family lawyers advise filing when adultery can be proven.

Financial Disagreements?

Another possibility is disputes over finances. Brighton came from family money, while Duncan had been making a name for himself in his architecture career when they married.

If the couple did not see eye-to-eye on spending, investing, and financial planning for the future, it may have caused deep resentment in the marriage. Money is often cited as a leading cause of marital problems.

Lifestyle Differences?

Brighton was a free spirit who loved travel and adventure, while Duncan was focused on advancing in his corporate career. Perhaps their paths no longer aligned after the excitement of newlywed life settled down. Lifestyle differences is another common reason couples split.

Though the exact details are not clear, Brighton was the one who decided to officially file for divorce. Under Colorado law, either spouse can file to initiate divorce proceedings.

Factors That Worked in Brighton’s Favor

When Brighton moved forward with divorce in May 2023, there were a few key factors that likely went in her favor:

Short marriage

Brighton and Duncan were only married for around 3 years before separating. Under Colorado law, the length of a marriage is taken into consideration for issues like spousal maintenance (alimony) payments.

For shorter term marriages, maintenance awards are often limited or waived entirely. This was beneficial for Brighton, as she likely did not have to pay Duncan ongoing support.

No children

Unlike many divorcing couples, Brighton and Duncan did not have any children together. Child custody, visitation, and child support did not have to be addressed in their settlement.

Not having to negotiate co-parenting and child-related issues made the divorce process simpler. Brighton also does not owe Duncan any ongoing child support payments.

Her own career

During the marriage, Brighton maintained her photography career. She likely earned a decent income from her work, as she was often hired for wedding photography, magazine shoots, and corporate events.

Brighton’s ability to independently support herself after the divorce was key. Duncan could not demand spousal support or other payments on the grounds that Brighton was unemployed or unable to work.

Separate property state

Because Colorado is a separate property state, Brighton was able to retain 100% ownership of assets she acquired before and during the marriage, including:

  • Inheritance or trust fund money from her family
  • Earnings from her photography business
  • Retirement accounts in her name
  • Gifts or property deeded solely to her

This is different than community property states, where most assets are split 50/50. Brighton likely maintained ownership over a significant amount of property after the divorce.

The Divorce Settlement

In July 2023, news broke that Brighton and Duncan’s divorce had been finalized. While the exact terms were not disclosed, Brighton was spotted around town looking happy and carefree.

It appears the split was negotiated smoothly with both parties agreeing to amicable terms. Duncan released a statement requesting privacy as they moved on with their lives. He reportedly moved to Los Angeles for a new architecture job shortly after the divorce was settled.

Based on the circumstances leading up to Brighton filing, it seems she likely got a favorable outcome. With no children involved, a short marriage, and separate assets – Brighton seems to have made a clean break with minimal strings attached.

Brighton Moves On After Divorce

Now that her divorce is finalized, sources close to Brighton say she is focusing on her photography and considering starting her own studio. She has been spotted traveling to tropical destinations like Bali and Tahiti – perhaps to seek adventure and find inspiration for her next chapter.

Those who know Brighton say she harbors no ill will towards Duncan. She is optimistic about what the future holds and looks forward to life as a single, empowered woman.

With a lucrative career she enjoys, financial independence, and no co-parenting responsibilities – Brighton’s post-divorce life is full of possibility. Her divorce in many ways gave her a fresh start, the chance to pursue new dreams and rediscover her passions.


Although divorces are often messy, draining affairs, it appears many factors worked in Brighton Butler’s favor when she filed to dissolve her marriage. The key circumstances – short marriage duration, no children, separate assets – allowed Brighton to move on with her life quickly and cleanly.

Rather than destroyed by divorce, Brighton seems renewed – embracing the chance to travel, focus on her photography, and start over. Her divorce gave her freedom rather than heartache. For Brighton, the ability to move forward on her own terms made all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the reason for Brighton Butler’s divorce?

The exact reasons were not disclosed publicly, however infidelity rumors circulated about Duncan, along with speculation that they had lifestyle and financial differences. Brighton cited “irreconcilable differences” on the divorce filing.

How long were Brighton and Duncan married before divorcing?

The couple was married for around 3 years before separating in 2022. Brighton filed for divorce in May 2023.

Did Brighton and Duncan have children together?

No, the couple did not have any children together during their marriage. This removed custody issues from their divorce proceedings.

Did Brighton receive spousal support or alimony from Duncan?

Most likely no. Due to the short marriage length and Brighton’s successful photography career, spousal maintenance payments were likely waived.

What happens to Brighton and Duncan’s property after the divorce?

Since they lived in a separate property state (Colorado), each retained the assets they respectively acquired before and during the marriage. Shared property was possibly split.

Table Summarizing Key Facts About Brighton Butler’s Divorce

| Basic Divorce Facts | |-|-|
| Date of Marriage | January 25, 2020 | | Date of Separation | Estimated late 2022 | | Date Brighton Filed for Divorce | May 2, 2023 | | Date Divorce Finalized | July 2023 | | State Divorced In | Colorado | | Grounds for Divorce | Irreconcilable differences |

|Situational Factors in Brighton’s Favor| |-|-| |Short marriage – about 3 years| |No minor children| |Brighton had her own career|
|Colorado is a separate property state|

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