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Amber Ajami LifeStyle, How She become CokeQueen, Career Networth and More


Amber Ajami, better known as “CokeQueen” online, is a prominent social media influencer who has made a name for herself on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. With over 1 million followers across social media, Amber creates viral fashion and beauty content that engages millions of users.

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But how did Amber get her start? And what has led to her immense popularity and success as an influencer today? This article will explore Amber Ajami’s background, her journey to influencer fame, details on her career, lifestyle, relationships, and net worth.

Amber’s Early Life and Interests

Amber Ajami was born in 1998 in the United States. From an early age, Amber had an interest in creative pursuits like art and design. This passion would eventually lead Amber to find her calling as a model and influencer.

Growing up, Amber was inspired by fashion magazines and dreamed of one day seeing her own face on the glossy covers. She was drawn to the glamorous modeling world and hoped to emulate the beautiful women she saw in print.

Amber also developed a deep appreciation for fashion from a young age. She loved coordinating outfits, styling her hair in different ways, and experimenting with makeup. Her creative eye and fashion sense were evident even as a child.

The Launch of Her Influencing Career

After finishing high school, Amber decided to pursue influencing as a full-time career. In 2016, when she was 18 years old, Amber created an account on the video platform TikTok under the handle “ambsofficialxo.”

TikTok was still relatively new at the time, but Amber saw an opportunity to grow a following doing what she loved – creating fun fashion and beauty content. She began posting outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, and trendy dances.

Amber’s very first TikTok videos only got a few dozen views. But she persisted, regularly posting new content showcasing her bubbly personality and unique style. Within a few months, her view counts began to rise dramatically.

In one early viral TikTok, Amber filmed herself dancing along to a popular song while wearing a sparkly mini skirt and crop top. The video exploded, amassing over 300,000 likes. Amber’s follower count shot up, gaining tens of thousands of new fans seemingly overnight.

Expanding Her Influence on Instagram

As Amber’s TikTok following grew, she expanded her influence by creating an Instagram account in 2017. On Instagram, she shared modeling photos and continued showcasing her fashionable outfits.

Followers flocked to Amber’s Instagram to see her gorgeous photography and aesthetically pleasing feed. Sponsorships started rolling in as brands wanted to work with the beautiful, rising influencer.

Within a year, Amber had over 500,000 Instagram followers. Today, she has amassed over 1 million loyal fans on the platform. Her Instagram is her main hub for collaborations with major brands who want to leverage Amber’s audience.

Developing Her Personal Brand

An integral part of Amber’s skyrocketing success is the personal brand she has developed. Beyond just posting captivating content, Amber crafted a unique persona that resonated with her audience.

On TikTok and Instagram, Amber presents herself as the relatable “girl next door” – the bubbly, friendly, everyday girl that people feel connected to. She’s known for her glowing skin, jet black hair, and megawatt smile.

Amber also coined the nickname “CokeQueen” as part of her brand. She frequently films videos drinking Coca-Cola, chatting about her obsession with the soda. This quirky aspect of her personality delights fans.

By cultivating a distinct, genuine personal brand, Amber formed strong bonds with followers who feel like they know the real her.

Collabs and Sponsorships

As Amber’s following grew into the millions, her influencer career shifted to focus on lucrative sponsorships and brand collaborations.

She began regularly working with major companies like Revolve, FashionNova, Lancôme, and more. The brands send her clothing, makeup, and other products which she incorporates into her social media content.

Amber negotiates high-dollar contracts for long-term partnerships and one-off promotions. A single branded video or Instagram post can earn Amber anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

The brands benefit from Amber’s promotional posts and the credibility she lends to their products. For Amber, these deals provide a steady income stream on top of her earnings from TikTok and Instagram directly.

Amber’s Lifestyle and Relationships

Amber’s sizeable income from influencer marketing has allowed her to afford an enviable lifestyle. She lives in a mansion in Los Angeles with sweeping views of the city.

Inside her home, Amber has installed a professional photography studio where she films content for her channels. She also has a glam room stocked with beauty products and lighting for getting camera-ready.

For transportation, Amber drives a custom matte black Range Rover. She frequents exclusive restaurants and clubs around LA and has posted videos jet-setting to luxury vacation destinations like Bora Bora.

While Amber occasionally films videos with friends or other influencers, she tends to keep her romantic relationships private. There is limited public information on her current relationship status.

Amber’s Net Worth

Various reports estimate Amber Ajami’s current net worth between $600,000 to $2 million. The majority of her income comes from influencer sponsorships.

Amber likely earns additional revenue from TikTok and Instagram directly through their creator funds programs. These programs pay creators a certain dollar amount per view on their videos and posts.

Considering Amber’s high engagement and consistent posting schedule, she likely earns a sizable monthly income just from the social platforms themselves. This is on top of her lucrative brand deals.

As Amber continues growing her audience and working with major brands, her net worth is expected to rise even higher in the coming years. She has achieved remarkable financial success as an influencer still in her early 20s.

Keys to Amber’s Success

Several key factors have contributed to Amber becoming a massively successful influencer at a young age:

  • Authenticity– Amber built a genuine connection with fans by sharing her true personality and interests on social media. Her followers feel like they know the real her.
  • Consistency– Posting multiple times a week allowed Amber to continually engage her audience while also creating a vast content library.
  • Adaptability– Amber expanded across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to reach new demographics and grow her brand.
  • Work Ethic– Producing high-quality content daily requires discipline. Amber’s tireless work ethic fueled her rise to the top.
  • Visual Aesthetic– Amber’s photos and videos have a polished, beautiful look and feel that draws in viewers.
  • Marketing– Securing partnerships with major brands provided income streams and exposed Amber to new audiences.

Amber’s blend of authenticity, aesthetics, marketing savvy, and determination culminated in her massive influencer success story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Amber Ajami?

Amber Ajami is currently 25 years old. She was born in 1998 in the United States.

Q2. What platforms does she use?

Amber has over 1 million followers on Instagram and a similarly large following on TikTok. She posts content daily across these two platforms primarily.

Q3. What makes her content successful?

Amber’s content stands out for showcasing her bubbly personality, unique fashion sense, beauty tips, and overall aesthetic. Fans love her authenticity and consistent engagement.

Q4. How much does she earn?

Estimates place Amber’s net worth between $600,000 to $2 million, predominantly from sponsorships and brand deals. Her income continues rising as her audience grows.

Q5. Is she in a relationship?

Amber tends to keep her romantic relationships private and away from the public eye. There is limited information available on her current relationship status.


In just a few short years, Amber Ajami has emerged as one of social media’s biggest rising stars. Her passion for fashion and relentless work ethic fueled her influencer career from small TikTok beginnings to over 1 million Instagram followers today.

Amber’s story offers inspiration and a roadmap for aspiring influencers hoping to turn content creation into a full-time profession. However, replicating her success requires cultivating an authentic personal brand, expanding across platforms, collaborating with brands, and consistently engaging a growing audience.

At just 25, Amber’s future looks exceedingly bright, with essentially unlimited potential for her business to continue expanding. As she develops new projects, scores additional partnerships, and grows her audience, Amber Ajami has firmly cemented herself as an A-list influencer with bankability and staying power.

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